Pharmacometric Team

  • Kevin Dykstra, PhD, FCP

    Kevin Dykstra, PhD, FCP


    Prior to co-founding qPharmetra, Dr. Dykstra was Sr. Vice President, Strategic Consulting Services with Pharsight where he led an international consultancy providing strategic pharmacometric services to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies. During his nearly 10 years with Pharsight, he led 40+ pharmacometric projects with over 20 client organizations. He also worked with clients to help them develop their own internal Modeling and Simulation capabilities. He has deep experience in using, and educating clients how to use sophisticated, integrated pharmacometric methods to address complex drug development questions. These methods include PK/PD Modeling, Clinical Trial Simulation and Decision Analysis. Dr. Dykstra's industry experience includes work as Associate Director of Clinical Pharmacology with Genetics Institute (Wyeth), where he also worked as a Biostatistician in the Biostatistics and Clinical Information Systems Group, designing and analyzing Phase 1-3 clinical trials. He started his post-doctoral scientific career as a Staff Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, where he studied tissue transport of small molecules. He holds an MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and German from the University of Colorado, and additional training in Biostatistics from Boston University. He is a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.

  • Klass Prins, PhD

    Klaas Prins, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Klaas is a co-founder of qPharmetra. He combines rigorous focus on the technical details of integrated pharmacometric analysis with pragmatism and clear communication. Prior to cofounding qPharmetra, Klaas was a Senior Scientist with the Strategic Consulting Services team at Pharsight.  Before Pharsight, Klaas was a Clinical Pharmacokineticist at Organon with responsibilities in the design and analysis of clinical data and the strategic design of trials. He gained his first drug development experience at the Janssen Research Foundation, a part of the Johnson and Johnson Group, where he completed his PhD. He refined his skills in modeling preclinical pharmacological data as part of his PhD research with the Sir James Black Foundation. Dr. Prins holds an MS in pharmacy and obtained his PhD in experimental medicine at Utrecht University.

  • Lee Hodge, MBA

    Lee Hodge, MBA


    Previous to being a founding member of qPharmetra, Lee was a Senior Scientist in the Strategic Consulting Services group at Pharsight. There he took part in or led nearly 30 analyses involving a wide array of disease areas and drug development decisions over a six year span. Lee leveraged his education in Decision Analysis and his career experience to ensure his analyses could make an impact, illustrating the pros and cons of alternatives to both technical and broader audiences. Also, he ensured excellent project execution, proactively managing quality and efficiency. Prior to Pharsight, Lee worked with GlaxoSmithKline for seven years, where he was a founding member of its Decision Sciences group. There, he executed nearly 80 Decision Analyses, utilizing the processes and approaches of the DA field to inform risky development decisions in a broad range of therapeutic areas. These ranged from early development through post-marketing. Before joining GSK, Lee worked with Merck and IBM. Lee holds an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business as well as a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia.

  • Lars Lindbhom, PhD

    Lars Lindbom, PhD

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Prior to becoming a member of qPharmetra, Lars was an Associate Senior Scientist in the Strategic Consulting Services team at Pharsight. Excellent technical skill, focus on delivering products with the highest quality and clear communication are among the core characteristics of Lars’ work. Previous to joining Pharsight, Dr Lindbom completed his PhD in pharmacokinetics and biopharmaceutics plus one year of Post-Doctoral research at Uppsala University with Professors Mats Karlsson and Niclas Jonsson. He is coauthor of Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN), an enhanced toolkit for conducting population PK/PD modeling in NONMEM. Lars holds an MS in Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University and spent 1½ year at AstraZeneca as a Systems Developer before starting his PhD.

  • Klas Petersson, PhD

    Klas Petersson, PhD

    Senior Associate Consultant

    Klas joined qPharmetra after finishing his PhD at Uppsala University in 2012. The main focus of his thesis was population PK/PD modeling in the disease area of schizophrenia, specifically mechanistic modeling of side effects during treatment with D2-receptor antagonists and translational aspects of predicting side effects. In addition, during his PhD he performed methodological research within the population modeling area and tutored on simulation and covariate modeling courses. He holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Bioscience from Uppsala University and is a Pharmacist by training.

  • Anders Viberg, PhD

    Anders Viberg, PhD

    Senior Consultant

    Prior to joining qPharmetra, Anders was Senior Clinical Pharmacometrician at AstraZeneca. During his six years with AstraZeneca, Anders was leading, coordinating and executing pharmacometric activities in projects ranging from pre-clinical through life-cycle-management in a number of therapeutic areas. Anders has experience from regulatory submissions, has excellent technical skills and is a true communicator. Anders completed his PhD at Uppsala University with Dr Marie Sandström and Professors Otto Cars and Mats Karlsson in 2006. His thesis focused on individualization of antibiotics using a PK/PD approach. Anders has also taught numerous courses. He holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Bioscience from Uppsala University and is a Pharmacist by training.

  • Anja Henningsson, PhD

    Anja Henningsson, PhD

    Senior Consultant

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2014, Anja was a Senior Clinical Pharmacometrician at AstraZeneca where she planned, led and executed modeling and simulation activities in different therapeutic areas, mainly in late phase projects for submission and and projects with pediatric study plans. Prior to AstraZeneca, she was a pharmacometric reviewer with the Medical Products Agency in Sweden, where she assessed study reports spanning from in vitro studies to nonlinear mixed effects modeling reports. The assessor role also included approving clinical trials and providing scientific advice, contributing to regulatory guidance documents and publications on regulatory perspectives on the role of modeling and simulation. At the agency Anja took special interest in antiviral treatment, drug-drug interactions and pediatric studies. Anja completed her PhD at Uppsala University 2005 with the thesis entitled “Mechanism-based pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling of paclitaxel”. Anja is a Pharmacist by training and has an MSc in Pharmaceutical Science.

  • Marita Prohn, MSc

    Marita Prohn, MSc

    Senior Associate Consultant

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2014, Marita was an Associate Principle Scientist in the Quantitative Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics department at Merck (MSD in Oss, the Netherlands) and has over eight years of drug development experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Marita was responsible for setting up the PK/PD, Modeling & Simulation, and clinical development strategy and perform hands-on modeling for compounds from early development up to life-cycle management for a wide range of therapeutic areas. Marita has experience authoring regulatory documents and regulatory submissions. She holds an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Eindhoven with a focus on Biomedical Imaging and Modeling.

  • Jan Huisman, BEng

    Jan Huisman, BEng

    PK and Data Analyst

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2014, Jan worked as a Senior Scientist in the Bio-analytical and Clinical PK-PD departments of Diosynth, Organon, Schering-Plough and Merck in Oss, the Netherlands. In that role he contributed to numerous Phase 1-3 projects in the Women’s Health (contraception, infertility, and HRT) and CNS (depression and anesthesiology) areas. His activities focused on executing dataset preparation, non-compartmental PK analyis, and quality control. He wrote several SOPs and manuals regarding PK analyses, data-management, archiving and IT procedures and developed SAS macros and WinNonLin workstreams for easy and standardized PK analyses. Jan holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Analytical Chemistry.

  • Eva Hanze, MSc

    Eva Hanze, MSc

    Senior Associate Consultant

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2014, Eva was a Pharmacometrician with AstraZeneca. During her eight years at AstraZeneca, Eva was responsible for planning and executing modeling and simulation activities for development of drugs in several different therapeutic areas, throughout all stages of clinical development. She has experience with regulatory submissions, has excellent technical skills and is characterized by delivering products with high quality and dedication.

    Eva holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Uppsala University with focus on pharmaceutical science, including a master thesis dealing with PK/PD modeling of metformin.

  • Jason Chittenden, MSc

    Jason Chittenden, PhD

    Senior Consultant

    Prior to joining qPharmetra in 2014, Jason served in several roles at Pharsight, most recently as a scientist in the Pharsight Consulting Services team. While at Pharsight he helped to develop the IVIVC Toolkit for WinNonlin®, and Phoenix NLME. He regularly presented courses on the use of Pharsight software and advanced PK/PD modeling topics. Jason also provided scientific support and consulting on In-Vitro In-Vivo Correlation (IVIVC), Population PK/PD, Target Mediated Drug Disposition (TMDD), and physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling. His research interests include: application of stochastic differential equation models to PK/PD and disease modeling; highly parallel computing with graphics processing units; population approaches to IVIVC; and sampling based estimation methods for non-linear mixed effects models. Before joining Pharsight, Jason was a Senior Scientist at Simulations Plus where he was the Product Manager for GastroPlus®. At Simulations Plus, Jason consulted on topics such as: absorption; PK/PD; PBPK; IVIVC; and bioequivalence studies. Jason has worked in modeling & simulation since 1997 and has experience in the chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries. He obtained his Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical engineering from the University of California, Irvine, in 2000, where he focused on neural network and optimization algorithms and theory. He completed his PhD in the Biomathematics program at North Carolina State University in 2015.

  • Jeff Wald, PhD

    Jeff Wald, PhD

    Principal Consultant

    Jeff Wald was a Senior Director in Clinical Pharmacology Modeling and Simulation at GSK prior to joining qPharmetra in 2015. He also spent time at Pharsight holding roles in their software, education, and consulting businesses, in Quintiles as a clinical pharmacology consultant, and as a post-doc at Hoffman-LaRoche. Jeff completed his PhD at the University at Buffalo in the Jusko laboratory. Jeff brings an extensive set of quantitative, therapeutic, and drug development skills to the projects he supports.

  • Brett Matzuka, PhD

    Brett Matzuka, PhD

    Associate Consultant

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2016, Brett was an Assistant Professor at Children's Mercy Hospitals serving as the Pharmacometric Scientist in the division of Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Innovation. While at Children's Mercy, Brett worked on a number of projects including software development for a Decision Support Tool utilizing therapeutic drug monitoring, individual and population pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics, and metabolite modeling. Before his time at Children's Mercy, Brett was a functional analyst at Pharsight working within the R&D team. Brett helped with the development of a number of software packages within Pharsight's Phoenix platform including QT+, NLME, Trial Designer/Simulator, and the Validation Suites. Brett attended the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Aus, where he obtained both his Bachelor of Science and Honors degree in Applied Mathematics focusing in the areas of numerical/computational mathematics, nonlinear dynamics and control, and optimization. Brett completed his PhD in Biomathematics at North Carolina State University. His work focused primarily on stochastic differential equation modeling of biological systems and Kalman filtering based approaches for the inverse problem. Brett's research interests include sampling/Monte Carlo based estimation methods for nonlinear mixed effects models, stochastic differential equation models in biology/pharmacology, uncertainty quantification, Bayesian approaches for estimation and model refinement, and nonlinear dynamics and optimization.

  • Dave Dlesk, MS

    Dave Dlesk, MS

    VP Business Development

    As qPharmetra’s Vice President of Business Development, Dave looks for opportunities to improve drug development through the use of pharmacometrics, especially in small and medium-sized biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Dlesk is an entrepreneurial life sciences senior executive with experience in general management, new business development, sales, marketing and product development. He has held key leadership positions as CEO of five start-ups, corporate officer at Biogen, President of a $200 million subsidiary of a multi-billion-dollar global medical device company, General Manager at Baxter and a consultant to a number of life sciences companies. Dave received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering with a focus on operations research from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

  • Albi Dode, MSc

    Albi Dode, MSc


    Software Engineer having experience in providing technical support, developing software programs and web sites. Worked with Agile methodology for leading teams in achieving excellence in client satisfaction, productivity, and profitability. Strong analytical skills and detailed to project's requirements. Adaption well in groups and a willingness to understand the various roles played by fellow team members. Performs tests and finds ways to eliminate bugs in the programs. Experience in building interactive and dynamic websites.