Our Team

  • Kevin Dykstra, PhD, FCP

    Kevin Dykstra, PhD

    President, Co-founder

    Kevin Dykstra has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, of which more than 15 years have been as a Consulting Pharmacometrician. He is broadly interested in applying quantitative methodologies to drug development decision-making in all phases of development. He started his post-doctoral scientific career at the National Institutes of Health, where he studied tissue transport of small molecules, and has additional experience is in the areas of biostatistics and clinical pharmacology. He is a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.

  • Klass Prins, PhD

    Klaas Prins, PhD

    CEO, Co-founder

    Klaas is a co-founder of qPharmetra and manages human resources and science at the company. He combines rigorous focus on the technical details of integrated pharmacometric analysis with pragmatism and clear communication. Among the many modeling skills, his expertise includes modeling the pharmacokinetics of drugs featuring complex absorption and elimination profiles and has extensive experience in modeling count data. At qPharmetra, he authored and maintains qpToolkit, an R library facilitating, streamlining and standardizing pharmacometric analysis. Prior to qPharmetra, Klaas gained drug development experience as a clinical pharmacokineticist being involved in the design and analysis of clinical studies in the field of neurology, fertility and gastroenterology. His PhD thesis focused on the application of classical, analytical, pharmacological principles to advance the development of drugs promoting impaired gastrointestinal motility. Dr. Prins holds an MS in pharmacy and obtained his PhD in experimental medicine at Utrecht University. When he is not working, Klaas loves to play the Fender Rhodes piano, trying to find a balance between applying the math of music and the freedom to play from the heart.

  • Lee Hodge, MBA

    Lee Hodge, MBA

    CFO, CO-founder

    Lee has applied Pharmacometrics to solve drug development problems for 14 years. He's taken part or led many analyses, and has a special focus on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Oncology. Lee’s interests are primarily on analyses that inform strategic, internal decision making, such as calculating the value of information from Proof of Concept trials, predicting clinical efficacy given early results to guide decisions on Phase III, and informing post marketing decisions. These reflect his advanced training, years of experience, and affinity for Decision Analysis.

    He's taken part or led many analyses, and has a special focus on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Oncology
  • Lars Lindbhom, PhD

    Lars Lindbom, PhD


    Lars became a member of of qPharmetra in 2011. He completed his PhD in pharmacokinetics in 2006 at Uppsala University with Professors Mats Karlsson and Niclas Jonsson, and has been a consulting Pharmacometrician since 2007. He is coauthor of Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN), an enhanced toolkit for conducting population PK/PD modeling in NONMEM. Lars holds an MS in Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University and spent 1½ year as a Systems Developer before starting his PhD.

  • Lars Lindbhom, PhD

    Karl Gustav Jostell, PhD

    Principal Consultant,Clinical Pharmacology

    K-G joined qPharmetra in January 2018 and has 35+years experience in the areas of pre-clinical DMPK and Clinical Pharmacology from Astra/AstraZeneca. K-G has mainly worked in the CNS area and he has special interest in design and interpretation of Clinical Pharmacology studies and development programs in the field. K-G has a PhD and holds a MSc in Pharmaceutical Science, both at Uppsala University, and is a Pharmacist by training.

  • Klas Petersson, PhD

    Klas Petersson, PhD

    Senior Associate Consultant

    Klas joined qPharmetra after finishing his PhD at Uppsala University in 2012. The main focus of his thesis was population PK/PD modeling in the disease area of schizophrenia, specifically mechanistic modeling of side effects during treatment with D2-receptor antagonists and translational aspects of predicting side effects. In addition, during his PhD he performed methodological research within the population modeling area and tutored on simulation and covariate modeling courses. In the 5+ years he has worked at qPharmetra his largest focus has been on modeling in oncology with experience in applying modeling in the full range of drug life-cycle, from pre-clinical to post-marketing. He has also experience in other therapeutic areas such as dermatology and nephrology. He holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Bioscience from Uppsala University and is a Pharmacist by training.

  • Anja Henningsson, PhD

    Anja Henningsson, PhD

    Principal Consultant, Human Resources

    Anja has been a consultant with qPharmetra since 2014. She is responsible for planning, leading and executing modeling and simulation activities in various phases of drug development, and for delivering analyses and documentation for regulatory submissions. Anja thrives in collaborating with customers, identifying key questions and finding fit for purpose solutions. Anja started her journey in pharmacometrics with a PhD from Uppsala University in 2005. She further developed her capabilities in model-based drug development and clinical pharmacology as a pharmacometrics reviewer at the Swedish MPA, and as an industry pharmacometrician. Anja is especially interested in cancer treatments, antibiotics, antivirals and pediatric studies across several therapeutic areas.

  • Marita Prohn, MSc

    Marita Prohn, MSc

    Senior Associate Consultant

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2014, Marita was an Associate Principle Scientist in the Quantitative Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics department at Merck (MSD in Oss, the Netherlands) and has over eight years of drug development experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Marita was responsible for setting up the PK/PD, Modeling & Simulation, and clinical development strategy and perform hands-on modeling for compounds from early development up to life-cycle management for a wide range of therapeutic areas. Marita has experience authoring regulatory documents and regulatory submissions. She holds an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Eindhoven with a focus on Biomedical Imaging and Modeling.

  • Jan Huisman, BEng

    Jan Huisman, BEng

    PK and Data Analyst

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2014, Jan worked for more than 25 years as a Senior Scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. In that role he contributed to numerous Phase 1-3 projects in the Women’s Health (contraception, infertility, and HRT) and CNS (depression and anesthesiology) areas. His activities focus on executing dataset preparation, non-compartmental PK analysis, and quality control. He wrote several SOPs and manuals regarding PK analyses, data-management, archiving and IT procedures and developed SAS macros, WinNonLin workstreams and R scripts for easy and standardized PK analyses. Jan holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Analytical Chemistry.

  • Eva Hanze, MSc

    Eva Hanze, MSc

    Senior Associate Consultant

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2014, Eva was a Pharmacometrician with AstraZeneca. During her eight years at AstraZeneca, Eva was responsible for planning and executing modeling and simulation activities for development of drugs in several different therapeutic areas, throughout all stages of clinical development. She has experience with regulatory submissions, has excellent technical skills and is characterized by delivering products with high quality and dedication.

    Eva holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Uppsala University with focus on pharmaceutical science, including a master thesis dealing with PK/PD modeling of metformin.

  • Jason Chittenden, MSc

    Jason Chittenden, PhD

    VP Software

    Jason has worked in modeling and simulation for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in developing software and tools, including contributions to GastroPlus, the IVIVC Toolkit for WinNonlin®, and Phoenix NLME. He has provided scientific support and consulting on In-Vitro In-Vivo Correlation (IVIVC), Population PK/PD, Target Mediated Drug Disposition (TMDD), and physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling. He obtained his Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical engineering from the University of California, Irvine, and his PhD in Biomathematics (statistics minor) at North Carolina State University.

  • Jeff Wald, PhD

    Jeff Wald, PhD

    VP Clinical Pharmacology

    Jeff Wald, PhD has been with qPharmetra since 2015. Throughout his career spanning 25 years in pharmaceutical industry and consulting roles, Jeff has worked at the interface of clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics. Applying the tools of mathematical modeling and clinical drug development, he has worked at problem solving and the strategic application of model-assisted drug development in all stages of clinical development in a wide array of therapeutic areas.

  • Brett Matzuka, PhD

    Brett Matzuka, PhD

    Associate Consultant

    Before joining qPharmetra in 2016, Brett was an Assistant Professor at Children's Mercy Hospitals serving as the Pharmacometric Scientist in the division of Clinical Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Innovation. While at Children's Mercy, Brett worked on a number of projects including software development for a Decision Support Tool utilizing therapeutic drug monitoring, individual and population pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics, and metabolite modeling. Before his time at Children's Mercy, Brett was a functional analyst at Pharsight working within the R&D team. Brett helped with the development of a number of software packages within Pharsight's Phoenix platform including QT+, NLME, Trial Designer/Simulator, and the Validation Suites. Brett attended the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Aus, where he obtained both his Bachelor of Science and Honors degree in Applied Mathematics focusing in the areas of numerical/computational mathematics, nonlinear dynamics and control, and optimization. Brett completed his PhD in Biomathematics at North Carolina State University. His work focused primarily on stochastic differential equation modeling of biological systems and Kalman filtering based approaches for the inverse problem. Brett's research interests include sampling/Monte Carlo based estimation methods for nonlinear mixed effects models, stochastic differential equation models in biology/pharmacology, uncertainty quantification, Bayesian approaches for estimation and model refinement, and nonlinear dynamics and optimization.

  • Dave Dlesk, MS

    Dave Dlesk, MS

    VP Business Development

    As qPharmetra’s Vice President of Business Development, Dave looks for opportunities to improve drug development through the use of pharmacometrics, especially in small and medium-sized biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Dlesk is an entrepreneurial life sciences senior executive with experience in general management, new business development, sales, marketing and product development. He has held key leadership positions as CEO of five start-ups, corporate officer at Biogen, President of a $200 million subsidiary of a multi-billion-dollar global medical device company, General Manager at Baxter and a consultant to a number of life sciences companies. Dave received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering with a focus on operations research from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

  • Albi Dode, MSc

    Albi Dode, MSc


    Software Engineer having experience in providing technical support, developing software programs and web sites. Worked with Agile methodology for leading teams in achieving excellence in client satisfaction, productivity, and profitability. Strong analytical skills and detailed to project's requirements. Adaption well in groups and a willingness to understand the various roles played by fellow team members. Performs tests and finds ways to eliminate bugs in the programs. Experience in building interactive and dynamic websites.

  • Jan Huisman, BEng

    Ben Suttle, PhD

    Principal Consultant

    Ben joined qPharmetra in March 2018 with 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry supporting projects throughout the drug development process from clinical candidate selection through approval and post-marketing studies. He has worked in both large and small pharmaceutical companies as well as in biotech to design and implement the clinical pharmacology strategy to support the successful global registration of medications. Ben has extensive experience in the development of medications to treat cancer but also has experience in other therapeutic areas including diseases of the lung, central nervous system disorders, infectious diseases, dermatology, and gastrointestinal disorders. Ben brings extensive experience in interactions with the FDA, including Oncologic Drug Advisory Committee meetings, Health Canada, and European regulatory agencies.

  • Jan Huisman, BEng

    Fredrik Jonsson, PhD


    Fredrik joined qPharmetra in July 2016, and he brings 10 years’ experience in pharmacometric consulting to the team. He has worked in a number of clinical areas, including cardiovascular, neuroscientific, oncology, virology, renal disease. He completed his PhD in toxicokinetics at the National Institute for Working Life in Stockholm, Sweden, applying Bayesian estimation techniques to PBPK models for risk assessment purposes. He followed his dissertation with three years of Post-Doctoral research at the Uppsala University Pharmacometrics Group, with a focus on modeling of ordered categorical data.

  • Julianna

    Julianna D'Angelo

    Administrative Coordinatore

    Julianna joined qPharmetra in October 2017. She brings 3 years of experience in office administration prior to joining qP. She manages our event logistics, assists in sales & marketing coordination, handles meeting agendas and documentation, as well as other general office administration.

  • Jan Huisman, BEng

    Kiran Mehta


    Prior to joining qpharmetra in June 2018, Krina worked as an independent pharmacometrics consultant for 3 years. She helped her clients with population PK/PD modeling, PBPK modeling, developing r shiny applications, as well as writing clinical pharmacology sections of BLA and PIP filings. Prior to starting her work in pharmacometrics, she worked as a regulatory documentation scientist (contractor) at Genentech for 5 years, and authored numerous regulatory documents, including investigator brouchers (IBs), clinical study reports (CSRs), and safety update reports (DSURs, PSURs). She obtained her Master of Science in Pharmacometrics from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Her master’s thesis included population PK modeling and simulations to recommend dose adjustments to account for reduced ethambutol exposures in patients with tuberculosis and HIV co-infection.