Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology investigates the interaction between drugs and humans.

This requires in-depth knowledge on many aspects of drug development, i.e. (bio)chemistry, formulation development, (pre)clinical absorption/distribution/metabolism/excretion (ADME), pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), pharmacogenomics and drug-drug interactions (DDI). 

The ultimate goal is to deliver the right dose to the right patient. By applying quantitative approaches (pharmacometrics, non-compartmental analysis (NCA)) and regulatory requirements, Clinical Pharmacology can determine the most efficient strategy within drug development.

Clinical Pharmacology applications can be…

  • Dose selection from First In Human (FIH) to Phase 3
  • Development & strategize the Clinical Pharmacology plan including:
    • FIH
    • bioequivalence (BE)
    • food effect
    • drug-drug interactions (DDI)
    • thorough QT (TQT)
    • special populations PK
    • ADME studies
  • Provide PK support for biopharmaceutical decisions throughout drug development
  • Contribute to regulatory submissions (i.e. briefing books, summary documents such as 2.7.1 and 2.7.2) and meetings
  • Support pediatric drug development (PSP or PIP)
  • Innovative clinical trial design and clinical trial simulations
  • PK analysis, interpretation and reporting of PK results from clinical trials
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Pharmacometrics uses models to describe the beneficial and adverse effects of a drug therapy on a patient.


Developing and supporting open source tools that enable automated data handling, analysis, and reporting workflows.

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