Argo is a command line tool that works from the command prompt, powershell, or terminal windows on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.  Argo manages and runs docker images to provide access to customized R environments.  The images come with preconfigured R and RStudio versions, a collection of standard packages, and LaTeX configuration.

Familiar with errors when updating a package from CRAN while you’re not working in the latest version of R? Those days are over with Argo! Argo ensures that the data scientist never encounters clashes between non-matching versions of R, R packages, Rstudio and LaTeX, by using date-matched R version and packages, and CTAN-pinned LaTeX typesetting.  qPharmetra’s R environments are based on the popular Rocker Project images, and customized to fit our pharmacometrics workflow.

Argo is fully integrated into qPharmetra’s workflow and available as open source tool for anyone to standardize their R-based data science. Go and check it out on GitHub!

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An R package for building pharmacometric data sets.  PMDatR distills decades of expert knowledge regarding the intricate needs of pharmacometric analysis datasets.   PMDatR builds on top of popular R packages such as dplyr[1] and tidyr[2], so much of the syntax is well known […]


Non-compartmental analysis (NCA) is a subdivision within pharmacokinetics (PK) that calculates PK parameters without deciding on a particular compartmental model and with minimal prior assumptions. qPharmetra has developed the open source R package qpNCA package. It performs all essential PK […]


An R package for exploring and reporting pharmacometric analyses.  The toolkit showcases our emphasis on programmatic information processing, for source-to-finish traceability.  It reflects decades of accumulated expertise in the efficient transformation of model inputs and outputs.  Especially relevant is our experience with PsN, a […]

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